About R.J. Stove

The man. The myth. The legend

  • Australian. Lives in Melbourne. Was born (1961) in Sydney.
  • Is the author of The Unsleeping Eye: Secret Police and Their Victims (Encounter Books, San Francisco, 2003) and A Student’s Guide to Music History (ISI Books, Wilmington, Delaware, 2008).
  • Has been, since 2004, a Contributing Editor at The American Conservative. Articles published in The New Criterion, Modern Age, The University Bookman, and Chronicles, as well as in antipodean magazines (Coast & Country, National Observer, News Weekly, Quadrant, and others).
  • A convert (2002) to Catholicism. Attends Tridentine Latin Mass whenever possible. Is unlikely ever again to vote willingly at an Australian election, save in the unlikely event of a Carlist or Jacobite candidate emerging.
  • Plays the organ (on which instrument he improbably scored an A at his Eighth Grade exam in Melbourne during 2008). Has been announcer from time to time at a Melbourne classical music radio station, 3MBS-FM.
  • Cannot always be relied on to tie his shoelaces properly. Experiences intermittent but risible problems in pronouncing the letter “R.” Accidentally wakes himself up, on occasion, with the sheer Wagnerian volume of his own snoring.
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